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This spunky teenager finds herself living in a tiny town with her ancient great aunty Ottillie as her parents are going to be.

At the opposite end of Toronto’s nightlife spectrum were stuffy hotel ballrooms such as the Imperial Room in the then-Royal.

But whenever they were asked about their first or worst gig, a belter of a story sprung to mind pretty quickly. Earlier in.

Musical 8 Scott Ave stars return to Rotorua stage after sell out season – Hot on the heels of their sold out premiere last month a Rotorua.

8 Scott Ave follows a day in the life of local Māori ‘bookie’ Jimmy Smith alongside his larger than life sisters (the Aunties) and.

But then came a regulation that she needed to retrofit the windows in her house so that a fire hose could comfortably fit in.

Special Christmas memories shine bright – The family is gathered around the kitchen table, laughing, telling stories, maybe a fire glows in the fireplace.

“When we.

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I am the second eldest of 5 children, two parents, two sets of grandparents, three aunties, two uncles, seven cousins.


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One of my favourite childhood memories is dipping my hands into my blazer pockets a day before Christmas and finding them.