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How the BJP’s dominance changed India’s political landscape – This has been fuelled by demographic changes such as a multi-fold increase in the size of the middle class, penetration of.

Data from Andhra Pradesh hasn’t been made available due to a shortfall in the sample size. While TV viewership remained the.

The Real Indian Sex Big Panes This is a beautiful house — big, open rooms for its era, sunny and well cared for. These are made from hundreds of small. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times “We wanted the house to be a little bit different from others on the street, hence. The weird criticism that Big Tech

IRS sample should be thrice of present size, says MRUC Chairman Pratap Pawar – In a conversation with, Pawar, who’s also the Chairman of Sakal Media Group, said that the sample size of.

For comparison, at the close of Q3, Spotify counted 248m active users worldwide, suggesting that Gaana is around half the size of Daniel.

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Prime Video India is now watched across the length and breadth of the country in more than 4,000 towns and cities of.

Imagine Dragons and Post Malone * The 50 Most Played playlist series were the.