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Magnum XL condoms for the well-endowed. Xtra Supreme, a brand of animal feed. Excelle Elite.

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From opening a coffee shop to even creating it’s own branded condoms as well as luxury dumbbells, Saint Laurent is using the.

I never considered condoms to be anything other than necessary at best, and annoying at worst. They’re always sort of smelly.

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Now, condom brand Trojan and Advocates for Youth are raising awareness of such unethical strategies.

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This cheap gadget can stop your smartphone or tablet being hacked at an airport, hotel or cafe – I seek out the best coffee I can find. I make sure I use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi, and I always make sure I use a USB.

THE ULTIMATE CONDOM TESTThe Sexy Holiday Gift Your Partner Will Love, Based On Their Zodiac Sign – This Dame Products travel kit with lube, condoms, a mini vibrator, and socks will make banging on vacation.

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